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  •    Big Day of Play (Aug. 19)
  • Rainier Community Center

What to expect

  • What to wear

    Wear something non-restricting and breathable. You will be sweating and will occasionally roll around on the floor (sometimes even on purpose). Sports tights and tank tops are popular options. (more…)

  • Mouthguard

    Teeth are good, lets keep them. Grab a moldable mouth guard that allows you to protect your teeth, while still being able to talk to your teammates.

  • Elbow, knee and wrist guards

    You will fall. The quality of your protective gear helps determine how much it’ll hurt. (more…)

  • Quad Skates with Rubber Toe Stop

    Grab some skates, ideally ones that can upgraded as you evolve as a skater. The Riedell R3 is a good starter skate, but the minimum necessary is to have a rubber toe stop (plastic toe stops are only good for a trip to the ER).

  • Helmet

    Grab a skate helmet, sometimes called a “multi-impact” helmet. Look for one that fits well and has a sticker saying “CPSC” and “ASTM” certified.

  • Gear up

    Get on your helmet, pads, and skates and take a few laps to loosen up. Don’t have any gear? No worries, just bring yourself! We have tons of pads (knee, elbow), some helmets and even a few pairs of loaner skates for you to try if you’re new.

  • Stretching and strength

    We always stretch after our warmup, and we should all be stretching after practice as well (though many times this doesn’t happen at practice). After your first practice you will definitely be sore – no matter how fit you are (or aren’t). Here are some tips for how to make it better! (more…)

  • Pacelines & group work

    Pacelines and pack work are fundamental to derby. A pace line is just a line of skaters moving at the same speed around the track, in a line. Skaters will move up from the back of the line or fall backwards from the front to rotate positions in the line. Learning how to move through a paceline is important for gaining pack skills and becoming comfortable skating close to your peers. (more…)

  • Skills training

    Come to practice!! That’s what we are all about.

  • Put it together

    Team work makes the dream work. We’ll practice different scenarios on the track, trying out what it feels like to be the jammer, pivot, or blocker.

  • How much does it cost?

    You can drop in anytime for $10. Stop by a practice with cash or pay online. If you like it, sign up for a series (6 Practices – $54) or a season (18 Practices – $144).

  • What’s the deal with North Seattle Community College and Seattle Parks

    Those groups share our vision for mainstream roller derby. They’ve offered us space and resources to help make this happen in Seattle.

  • I’m too young/old, big/small, (insert excuse here).

    Wrong. We believe that roller derby is for all of us. Join for the fitness, to learn skills, gain new friends, or train for competition.

  • What are the rules?

    We skate with the USARS ruleset, you can read through the rule book or just scan the cheat sheet. It is a fast moving variant of roller derby, that allows for all genders to enjoy the game together. (more…)

  • What about OneWorld or CityWide roller derby?

    Yup, that’s us. You can call us what you’d like, but we’re using Seattle Roller Derby nowadays.

  • Why Seattle Roller Derby…

    I came in with zero skills and zero confidence but that did not effect the way I was treated. Slowly but surely my skills grew and so did my confidence not only with skating but in all areas of my life. What a gift Donna gave people in our community when she created this one of kind league DeAnna T.

    Amazing experience – I started out as a beginner skater and now I am training to be on the team. I have really enjoyed the one world roller derby community. Everyone I have interacted with has been open, motivating and very fun to skate with. Ashlee N

    By Far the Best – This is by far the best place to go if you are a veteran derby girl or if you have seen the movie Whip It a few dozen times and you always wanted to try it. Even if you can’t even stand up on a pair of skates and you dont even know where to begin to find gear this is the place for you. I have been there only a few months and I have made plenty of friends. When I first started I wasnt even able to go around the rink once without sitting down but now I can Jam with the best of them. Aisha A

    Amazing atmosphere – I think it is great to to have a place you can go, and regardless of size or ability…go in and they welcome you as if you have been there the entire time. They help fit your gear if you don’t have any, make sure they know your skill level and take you through each step. There are advanced skaters who help out and in just a few weeks it is really easy to see the improvements. I know this place isn’t all about derby, it’s about becoming a better person and athlete. The derby community can be rough, this is a nice port in the storm. Highly recommended. diz ruptive thunder

    Such an amazing group! – No matter what you are looking to get out of Derby, this is the place to do it! It really is for EVERYBODY! Whether you are an experienced skater, or just “Derby Curious”. Fantastic coaches that support, encourage, and teach. This is a place where we all help each other to be our best, and have TONS of fun doing it! Susan Thomas